About Me

Hello! my name is Hafsa, also known as Hachandraws on Instagram.
I'm a freelancer artist who's a huge book nerd and that's how I ended up with my specialty being character design and general book content! 
Aside from books and art I'm also a huge fan of manga, anime, K-dramas and occasional gaming.
Some Fun facts about me :
- I'm actually a business grad but I made the choice to completely follow the art path and I've never looked back!
- My fur baby of choice is an absolute menace of a bunny called Meeko and I spoil him to death.
- Some of my favourite activities include spending time with my geek of a husband, watching anime and swearing at him when we game together. 
- I almost exclusively consume romance content because I'm a huge sap.
- I can read books at an insanely fast speed, so much so that my friends and family have taken to calling me a human scanner!
For commercial work inquiries please contact me at hachandraws@gmail.com